The Reformed Christian Church of Slovenia was officially founded in 1993, to ensure the continuity of the care of the protestants living here since the 16th century. Due to its historical situation there are only small congregations living in this area. The work that is carried out now in four villages (Motvarjevci-Szentlászló, Szerdahely-Središče, Csekefa-Čikečka vas, Domaföld-Krplivnik) has its history. Motvarjevci was a filia, which means there was a reformed school and a paid teacher. The other communities were a diaspora, that is, they didn’t have a pastor, nor a school, in some cases a church or a chapel either. The tragedy of the reformed communities in the area befell with the Trianon treaty, when none of the communities left in the Serb-Croat-Slovene kingdom were mother churches, meaning there was no place with a pastor living with the community, no offices or church buildings. In the beginning the reformed teacher, Imre Kovacs, performed the religious services, and from 1935 there was a ministry position established in Motvarjevci. The pastor was called Károly Póth. After the second world war all of these initiatives failed. The pastor was imprisoned, his family was deported to the labor camp in Hrastovec. The youngest of his three daughters died as a consequence of bad circumstances in the camp. She was 15 months old when deported, and 18 when died at home a few days after she returned. The family left the church in 1947 and moved back to Baranya. The church by then belonged to the Yugoslav Reformed Christian Church, and till 1952 pastors arrived in shifts to perform the services.

Substitute pastors between 1952-2008:

  • Narancsik Pál from Kopačevo (Croatia) 1952-1985
  • Csáti Szabó Lajos from Lug (Croatia) 1986-1990
  • Máté Sándor Bajánsenye (Hungary) 1991
  • Szakál Péter Egyházasrádóc (Hungary) 1991-1993
  • Nagy Dániel form Szentgyörgyvölgy (Hungary) 1993-2008

Since 2008 the church has a regular pastor Bódis Tamás, who came here with his family. His wife Rozgonyi Emőke is pastor too.